In accordance with the VBBA Health and Breeding Guide breeders listed on this website have agreed to:

  1. tested all eligible bitches (females that are entire and who are over the age of 12 months) they own for Fanconi Syndrome and Progressive Retinal Atrophy as a minimum.
  2. provide evidence of test results in point 1. to the Club prior to advertising.
  3. consider the VBBA Health and Breeding Guide’s recommendations when considering the mating.
  4. not breed pairs that might produce an offspring affected by one of the health concerns in point 1;
  5. not to breed a bitch more than twice in 18 months; and
  6. not breed a bitch over 8 years old without first obtaining a veterinary health certificate confirming the bitch is in good health at the time of the mating. The certificate must be obtained within 3 months of the mating.

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