Basenji Puppy Breeders Victoria Australia – purchase with confidence

The Victorian Basenji Breed Association Basenji Inc’s  (VBBA) Basenji Puppy Breeders Directory offers a level of assurance to members of the public looking to purchase a Basenji puppy or a more mature Basenji. The Basenji Puppy Breeders Directory represents Basenji puppy breeders that are financial members of the Victorian Basenji Breed Association.

Which breeder?

Selecting a breeder for your any puppy may seem a daunting task. We aim to offer you some useful tips and questions to ask the breeders you approach. This information may assist you with with your breeder selection and your resulting well socialised, healthy Basenji puppy.

Breeder Directory

VBBA member breeders all share the primary objectives; to breed well socialised puppies with great temperaments; to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in health and well being; to conduct extensive health testing; to breed as a hobby for the improvement the breed.

Health & Well-being

The VBBA has put into place a comprehensive health and breeding guide for its puppy breeders. The programme is designed to provide puppy buyers with the confidence that everything possible has been done for the puppy with regards to its health and temperament.

General Information

In Australia puppies are generally born in June/July. Basenjis generally have an litter of <>4 puppies.  Therefore, we suggest that interested people make contact with a breeder well in advance to discuss options.

The VBBA has comprehensive health and breeding guide for Basenji puppy breeders. The guide provides puppy buyers the confidence that everything possible has been done in regards to health and temperament. That your puppy has been given every opportunity for a happy, long and healthy life. Temperament is also one of our top priorities. The breeders listed in the Basenji Breeders Directory are members of at least one of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) member bodies. VBBA breeders have agreed to maintain and follow breeding practices as set by their member body. The VBBA’s breeders’ guide is a more formalised guideline. The VBBA guide sets a very high standard. Talk to one of our breeders to find out what you can expect from the breeders listed.

It is the final decision of the purchaser as to which breeder he/she selects. The VBBA does not guarantee the services of the breeders listed. Nor does the VBBA guarantee the health, well being, confirmation or temperament of the puppies bred by the breeders list in the directory.

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